The Almond Roca Theory

Just before we left work for our week-and-a-half vacation, I mentioned to a few of my coworkers my theory about Almond Roca candies. Now don't get me wrong--they are very tasty and very fattening. In fact, did you know there's more fat in three Almond Roca pieces (15g) than in a McDonald's cheeseburger (12g)? If … Continue reading The Almond Roca Theory


Holy Hell! WTF is That?

Now that the holidays are upon us, the airwaves are getting crammed with commercials for new and innovative products that your friends and family will just be begging you to buy for them. And if any of your friends just happen to be the Dalai Lama, a tall Jawa or short Kanamit, Mahalia Jackson, members … Continue reading Holy Hell! WTF is That?

Life After “High School Musical”

Yesterday as the family sat through the painfully exuberant production that is called the High School Musical 3 parade at Disney's California Adventure, Ann came up with an interesting thought. "So they (the characters) graduated high school. What do they do next?" Well, sweetie, allow me to answer that with a list of possibilities that … Continue reading Life After “High School Musical”


Just the other day I was doing my usual perusal of search terms that people have used to find my blog. I find it fun and informative as it lets me know just how many fucked-up people there are in this world, even more fucked-up than myself. I have, however, noticed a pattern. Without fail, … Continue reading ZOMG!!! STEVE PERRY!!!11!1