What Did We Do Today?

I’ll sum things up with a  few pictures and a video.

First, we saw four F18s take off from Long Beach Airport. Here’s a video of the first pair:

Second, we saw the Wienermobile:

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener...

This was Anthony’s surprise for doing so well on his last tests in school. Not a really big deal but he’s got a Hot Wheels Wienermobile so this seemed like a nice little thing to do for him since it’s a rare occasion when you see the real thing in person.

Third, we cleaned out the garage and installed bike hoists so that stuff is off the ground. The result:


We can now fit a car in there. Don’t ask me how we did it; all I know is that it’s been years since we were able to do that.

FYI, most of the stuff in boxes is our holiday decorations but yeah, a lot of it isn’t and can be sorted and thrown away as needed. But there’s only so much garbage the trash can hold, you know — and there’s lots to do.

Other than that…we did nothing today. But it sure as hell beats staring at a stupid-ass rock.


About Christmas time, my buddy Tim had mentioned that in order to celebrate our 40th birthdays in 2009, we should go out for lunch and the local batting cages. He set the tentative date for Saturday, February 7th and I made absolutely sure I reserved that day for the occasion. Hey, batting cages and lunch? I’m so there.

But little did I know that Ann had been busy scheming…

So Tim arrives and off we go to the cages which just a few hours prior seemed impossible as it was raining pretty heavily at the time. We go to the cages, hit–or try to hit–the softball pitches for 30 minutes, try the 80 MPH cage (where I actually hit more pitches), and then head to lunch. The events took a few hours and we had a good time.

We pull up in the driveway and, much to my surprise, see my uncle and aunt getting out of their car. Strange…were they just visiting? It wasn’t a holiday when we usually see them…

I approach the door, Ann asks where we’ve been and, upon opening the door, I was greeted by a loud “Surprise!” along with kids tooting party horns. Ann’s months of scheming had finally paid off: it was a surprise 40th birthday party for me.

Cousins, neighbors and friends, aunts and uncles were all there to help me celebrate what should be the most memorable birthday of all. And without a doubt, it was just that.

I ate, opened presents, chatted with everybody, and just had a great time. There are pictures but unfortunately, they all turned out terrible (which prompted me to buy Ann a new camera today). There were a few invitees that couldn’t make it but most were out of town or in one drastic case, in the hospital. Others simply had other prior plans.

In any case, and even though my birthday isn’t until this coming Saturday, everybody had a great time and I got a grip of gift cards for everything from Subway (yeah!) to iTunes (yeah yeah!) to Outback Steakhouse (mmm…!)

That was Saturday. Needless to say, we cleaned up and rested today.

And hey, are the Grammys on tonight? Oh well.

Weekend in Review

To summarize…

Saturday: Since we both got our W2s the other day, we went and got our taxes done. On the way to our tax man, we saw a Volvo catch fire on the 405 freeway. At first I thought it was just a blown head gasket because of the white smoke I saw but once we got closer I realized nope, the damn thing was on FIRE. Looked like everybody got out okay but man, scary stuff. And because we got a decent amount of money back, I went out and finally bought a treadmill. I figure we will both use it so hey, it works out all the way around.

And Circuit City doesn’t have jack left.

Sunday: We visited our local tourist trap, the Queen Mary, which is free to all California residents during the month of January. Still a cool sight to see and freaking scary down in the engine room. I can only imagine what was going through The Kid’s mind as we roamed the bowels of the ship, pathways dimly lit. Afterwards we went to Ann’s folks house to do what seems to be our weekly duty: PC repair for her dad’s computer.

Problems solved, we hop back into the truck when The Kid lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Turns out he stuck his hand into a paper bag that had his new submarine pencil sharpener and a pencil. The tip of the pencil jabbed his left hand and…it was pretty ugly. We then had to drive him to the ER–he was a real trooper throughout the ordeal–to get checked out. A few x-rays later, the doctor told us it was nothing some peroxide and ointment won’t take care of.

Monday: We had been thinking of heading to Disneyland today but decided to visit Downtown Disney instead. Good thing–the line of cars going into Disneyland was insane!

The Kid got a new dog a Build-A-Bear, Ann bought some makeup, we went to Sonic for lunch and went to the AMS Character Warehouse (read: Disney discount store) afterwards. It’s the place that sells seasonal Disney stuff for cheap once the season is over. You know stuff like this.

But I picked up some pins I had been wanting to buy since last time. They are from the Summer of Champions collection and each has a character and a word of inspiration: Determination, Perseverance, and Victory. I thought those pretty much summed up reaching my weight loss goal and will also work when it comes to preparing myself for the Disneyland 5k.

Whew, that’s it. Hope your weekend didn’t include any trips to the ER 🙂

The Weekend

I’m writing this post at the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station. Wait, here comes my train.

*fights away a few people*

Okay, on the train.

Anyhow, the weekend is here again and it looks like we’ve got nothing planned beyond a trip to South Coast Plaza, one of Orange County’s more upscale malls (next to Fascist Fashion Island in Corona del Mar). We promised Tony a trip to the toy store there so now we have to deliver. Besides, it gives me an excuse to sneak by Micro Center which is right around the corner. It’s Geek Heaven.

Other than that, it looks like a few days of a lot of nothing. I’m over this cold or whatever it was I had so I’m happy. I feel 100% better than I did a few days ago and Tony…you’d never know that boy was running a fever and barfing during that time. Kids rebound from illnesses amazingly well.

And sweet baby Jesus, it smells like burning rubber in this train. My eyes are burning. I think the person next to me smoked a cigarette made by Uniroyal or something.

I also think some Rock Band 2 is order. And this isn’t a knock on Billy Corgan’s vocal range, but Tony only failed once when he sang “Today.”

Keep in mind he’s four–and can’t quite read yet. Take that as you will!

Have a good one, peeps!