What Did We Do Today?

I’ll sum things up with a  few pictures and a video.

First, we saw four F18s take off from Long Beach Airport. Here’s a video of the first pair:

Second, we saw the Wienermobile:

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener...

This was Anthony’s surprise for doing so well on his last tests in school. Not a really big deal but he’s got a Hot Wheels Wienermobile so this seemed like a nice little thing to do for him since it’s a rare occasion when you see the real thing in person.

Third, we cleaned out the garage and installed bike hoists so that stuff is off the ground. The result:


We can now fit a car in there. Don’t ask me how we did it; all I know is that it’s been years since we were able to do that.

FYI, most of the stuff in boxes is our holiday decorations but yeah, a lot of it isn’t and can be sorted and thrown away as needed. But there’s only so much garbage the trash can hold, you know — and there’s lots to do.

Other than that…we did nothing today. But it sure as hell beats staring at a stupid-ass rock.