Weekend in Review

To summarize…

Saturday: Since we both got our W2s the other day, we went and got our taxes done. On the way to our tax man, we saw a Volvo catch fire on the 405 freeway. At first I thought it was just a blown head gasket because of the white smoke I saw but once we got closer I realized nope, the damn thing was on FIRE. Looked like everybody got out okay but man, scary stuff. And because we got a decent amount of money back, I went out and finally bought a treadmill. I figure we will both use it so hey, it works out all the way around.

And Circuit City doesn’t have jack left.

Sunday: We visited our local tourist trap, the Queen Mary, which is free to all California residents during the month of January. Still a cool sight to see and freaking scary down in the engine room. I can only imagine what was going through The Kid’s mind as we roamed the bowels of the ship, pathways dimly lit. Afterwards we went to Ann’s folks house to do what seems to be our weekly duty: PC repair for her dad’s computer.

Problems solved, we hop back into the truck when The Kid lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Turns out he stuck his hand into a paper bag that had his new submarine pencil sharpener and a pencil. The tip of the pencil jabbed his left hand and…it was pretty ugly. We then had to drive him to the ER–he was a real trooper throughout the ordeal–to get checked out. A few x-rays later, the doctor told us it was nothing some peroxide and ointment won’t take care of.

Monday: We had been thinking of heading to Disneyland today but decided to visit Downtown Disney instead. Good thing–the line of cars going into Disneyland was insane!

The Kid got a new dog a Build-A-Bear, Ann bought some makeup, we went to Sonic for lunch and went to the AMS Character Warehouse (read: Disney discount store) afterwards. It’s the place that sells seasonal Disney stuff for cheap once the season is over. You know stuff like this.

But I picked up some pins I had been wanting to buy since last time. They are from the Summer of Champions collection and each has a character and a word of inspiration: Determination, Perseverance, and Victory. I thought those pretty much summed up reaching my weight loss goal and will also work when it comes to preparing myself for the Disneyland 5k.

Whew, that’s it. Hope your weekend didn’t include any trips to the ER 🙂


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  1. My mother used to drive a Volvo. One day, the thing caught fire or something. My mother said there was green smoke coming up from under the hood.
    Burning engine coolant???


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