Meet Arliss!

When Anthony was about one year old, Ann and I had discussed the prospect of getting him a dog when he turned three. We sort of left it at that and continued to live our lives as a new family.

We never really brought it up until recently, the month when he turns that Magic Age. So over the weekend, we went over to the local SPCA and looked at their selection of dogs. And I’ll be completely honest with you–I didn’t want a dog just yet.

But one stuck out of the crowd and his name was Arliss. A Lab mix, he seemed like the most mild-mannered puppy in the entire shelter. We enquired about Arliss and found out that someone was also interested in adopting him. But we were told that if they did not return in 30 minutes, we could claim him.

So we waited and they never returned. Hooray for us!

After signing our lives away, we picked up Arliss on Sunday–much to Anthony’s surprise (he was at his Grandma’s house while we cleaned our place). When he arrived, he was more than excited to see his new puppy.

And despite our pleas to change Arliss’ name to something more uh, dog-like, Anthony refuses. So Arliss it is.

Welcome home, you stinky puppy. You’ll like it here.