Not Again…

Back in 1997 I was working for a bulk photo processing plant. I had been there almost a year when rumor had it that they were about to begin laying off people. Once it was confirmed that our largest account had not renewed their contract and chose another processor, I was one of the victims of the layoff.

Nearly a year later, I was working for AutoNation. It seemed to be fine until I read in the newspaper that the company was beginning to cut jobs at the executive level. I warned my co-workers that this was not a good sign. Then one day we were all called into the conference room where we were told not to come back tomorrow; that our severance pay would be distributed on such-and-such day.

Today, I attended a mandatory meeting at my current employer. I jokingly IM’d one of my managers just before attending:

[David]: are we, like, going to have jobs after this meeting? 😉
[El Jefe]: i think so…no, i hope so.

It was about 30 minutes into the meeting when the proverbial bomb was dropped. My employer’s current lease on the building expires in 2010. As part of their cost-cutting measures and to appease those who have an interest in the company, they will not renew their lease at the building and all operations based out of our Los Angeles (El Segundo) location will be migrated to Reston, VA.

In short, we’re long-term unemployed if that makes sense. The CEO also said that within a year they will introduce their initial plans for restructuring.

Granted, I had told Ann that I would give this job a year and “see what happens from there.” Little did I know that I would be accurate in the prediction as my year anniversary is quickly approaching. And if they think I’m going to hang around there for the next three years and then hope to find a job, they’re dead wrong. It begins tonight.

Sad? In some ways, yes I am. This is the first job I had at a major corporation and they entrusted me with that job despite my lack of the education level they required. I also enjoyed taking the train to work and avoiding that L.A. traffic. Working across the street from Mattel Corporate Headquarters was also a plus. (I spent many a dollar at that place on toys for Anthony.) Additionally, spending an occasional lunch at the nearby Toyota Center to watch the Los Angeles Kings practice was just another perk.

But now, it appears as if it’s time to move on. There’s nothing to try to accomplish; no sense in hoping that things will change and our jobs will magically be secure. No, it’s pretty much over for me and my co-workers, and waking up early in the morning is going to seem even more pointless as the days go by.

3 thoughts on “Not Again…

  1. I’ve never heard corporate crappiness like that before. I’m used to tales of people having their desks packed for them while the meeting goes on. How would they expect morale to stay high during that time? Yeesh.

    And thank you for the nice comment. 🙂


  2. Yeah, believe me when I say there are lots of glum faces around here today. But I guess this also means I don’t have to learn how to use that damned toaster oven!

    And you’re welcome 🙂


  3. What ever happened to the days when companies looked out for their employees? It seems like these days it’s all about the bottom dollar and it doesn’t matter if the little man is sacrificed to the demons… as long as there is money to be made.

    And they wonder where the loyalty has gone. 😦


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