20th Reunion, Part Deux

Hey, I forgot to mention my high school’s 20th reunion was on Saturday! Wanna see some pictures from the event?

Well, you can’t. And here’s why.

I didn’t take any. Well, it was more like I didn’t go. Okay, let’s break it down even further and say I had no interest in going, even if it was moved to dry land as opposed to being on a cruise to Ensenada.

I could list a million reasons why I chose not to go but the main one is that basically, I was a dullard in high school. I wasn’t a member of any clubs, wasn’t an athlete, not a brainiac nor was I notorious troublemaker. In fact I was only in detention once and I served 30 minutes instead of the 15 that I was sentenced, so the way I see it, they owe me.

No, I skimmed through high school anonymously with only a few close friends–none of them made it to the reunion either–and liked it that way. I can only imagine how much fun being in a ballroom full of people I knew only from a distance would have been. Jesus, they would have probably thought I was one of the waiters.

And after looking through the pictures posted on the high school’s (ugh) MySpace page, I think there was only one person there that would have known me by name. Is that what’s most important? No, and I do give credit to the organizers for sticking with it from start to finish, and who are attempting to organize a 25th reunion already.

But man, stuff like this just ain’t my bag. So go ahead and call me a wallflower when it comes to social events such as this. I guarantee I won’t be offended by it.


2 thoughts on “20th Reunion, Part Deux

  1. Fight the power! Fight High School Reunions! After my 10th, I swore I’d never go again. I wasn’t popular, and only had a few friends there as well. At my reunion, only 1 of my good friends went, and after *trying* to interact with the popular clique we just sat and drank and caught up with each other.

    My ex-husband found the same at his 15th reunion, which I found amusing because people were coming up to *me* saying “I remember you!” No, you don’t. I didn’t graduate with your class, and I grew up over 1,000 miles away.


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