Psychic Me

I’ve made it a habit to spend my lunch at the same place I spend 8 hours a day–in front of my computer. I’m bad, I know.

I usually check my e-mail and fart around on Fark for a bit. And it was on Fark that I found a story about former Married With Children star David Faustino’s brush with the law. His mugshot was a bit scary so I sent it via IM to my boss who I figured would enjoy the story, too.

A few seconds later I get a reply:

[boss]: that’s weird
[me]: what?
[boss]: i’m reading that story right now

Hmm…interesting, no? Would it surprise you that this was not the first time I’ve freaked someone out with my–dare I say it–psychic abilities?

There have in fact been a few times when I nearly gave Ann a coronary with my simple yet certain replies. For example, one day she and her co-workers were having a debate over something related to music so she decided to call me on my cell phone for a definite answer.

Ann: I have a question for you.
Me: (without hesitation) 1970.
Ann: What?
Me: It’s 1970.
Ann: How do you know?
Me: Because. What’s the question?
Ann: (pause) What year The Beatles broke up.
Me: Told you.

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