Riding Autopia!

Me and The Kid risk the lives of fellow Autopia drivers by posing for a cell-photograph.

UDPATED 8-26-07 

We once again got there at opening to avoid the crowds. It was a long day since we woke up at 6am (!). That aside, a good time was had by all.

Some highlights from today…

Haunted Mansion: Still not scary after 38 years but a favorite.

Pirates of the Caribbean: I don’t know what the fuss was about the integration of Jack Sparrow in the attraction. He looks too “real” when compared to the other pirates, all of whom possess that classic Disney look. But it was The Kid’s first time and he dug it!

Autopia: See picture above.

Star Tours: The film is still grainy, that lady on the video still looks like she’s from 1984, and the pilot’s awful jokes are still hard to swallow. But I still love it.

And I finally got a new picture of my two most favorite people to put on my desk:

We also plan on doing the Character Breakfast again since we had such a good time the first time.

Off to bed!