Toyota: Moving…Backward?

You may have seen billboards for the 2008 Toyota Highlander that highlight the fact that Toyota’s second-smallest SUV offers a backup camera for those who are too lazy to use its mirrors and, honestly, who really shouldn’t be driving an SUV in the first place.

The billboards are catchy: an isometric-angle rear view of the Highlander is seen dangerously close to a three-dimensional yellow post. The taillights for the SUV protrude from the ad as well.

Nice, no? You bet. But is it me or is Toyota being counterproductive by boasting this feature of their sprite of an SUV and still adhering to their current slogan of “Moving Forward”?

And I get the sneaky suspicion that someone at Toyota’s ad agency a Depeche Mode fan. Peep this screencap from the Highlander’s Flash site which features the name of a DM song:

It’s not unusual, really. I used to sneak all sorts of Depeche Mode song titles and partial lyrics in some of the articles I wrote for the magazine. One of my favorites was an article with the heading of “Your Own Personal Putting Green,” a takeoff of the first line of “Personal Jesus.”

But it still makes me wonder.