Today’s the Day

As badly as I want the surgery to be over with, I’m still a bit apprehensive about it. In a matter of hours, I will be lying flat on a stainless steel table while masked strangers wearing rubber gloves poke and prod at my innards with sterilized instruments–and quite possibly a camera. (Watch for the video on YouTube within hours of the surgery :))

I’m a bit grumpy. As with any surgery, I had to stop eating and drinking at midnight so I pigged-out until then. Not the ideal situation for a lifestyle change but it had to be done. Waking up with a dry mouth and not being able to quench it with a sip of water was…less than fun.

I’ve been just okay up to this point but I’m sure I’ll begin to get really nervous as I’m being prepared. My wish is to be lying there, have the anesthesiologist knock the holy crap out of me and wake up all fixed in what will seem like 5 minutes. I’ll deal with the recovery.

So that’s it; I’ll be relaxing with The Kid and Ann until it’s time (3:30pm PST but I must arrive for tests and whatnot at 2:30pm PST). In fact, they are eating breakfast as I type–and I’m drooling in jealousy. A bowl of cereal never looked so good.

Many thanks to all of my well-wishers, friends and everybody else who stumbles upon this blog who have taken the time to lend their support. It has been much appreciated and I look forward to getting back to blogging as soon as I’m able.

See you in a few days 🙂

UPDATED 8:44am

A special “thank you” to my local Fox affiliate for showing episodes of King of the Hill and The Simpsons that related to my situation perfectly.

In “Bobby Goes Nuts” Bobby Hill attends a YMCA self-defense class and discovers that kicking people in the testicles is the best way to protect himself. The best part is when he kicks Hank and literally puts him out of commission for days, which reminded me of how I will be after surgery. It was absolutely hysterical considering how I will be later today.

“Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” finds the Simpson family playing a Japanese game show in order to win their plane tickets back to the U.S. At one point, Homer is dangling in a pig piñata and mentions something about “putting his hernia back in place.”

Fox, your timing was impeccable. And I applaud you.