I Saw a Squirrel

It’s refreshing to know that even in a corporate place like El Se-freaking-gundo, a city where giants such as Mattel, Oracle and Raytheon occupy buildings that touch the sky, one can still be in touch with the wonder that is Mother Nature.

As I left work today and strolled past the parking structure, the usual sound of jumbo jets making their approach to LAX was thick in the air. I thought nothing of it and continued to walk to the train station.

Then out of nowhere something darted across my path and climbed the nearest tree. It was then when I spotted this:

As you might have figured, I grabbed my camera. Sure, you can see these fuzzy rat-like creatures just about any time you go to your local park, but this just struck me as being really cool. Here I am sandwiched between huge corporations that make the business world go around, and here’s this squirrel looking down at me, quite possibly for food. Humbling.

But lamentably, I had nothing to give the little guy. But I did take more pictures–at least what I was able to take since that little fart was darting around so fast. (If I had my Olympus E-VOLT E-500, I could have taken more.)

I didn’t have to zoom in much; he approached me and seemed to be quite content while I snapped away picture after picture.

Then he realized I didn’t have any food to offer and he split.

As I resumed walking to the train, I had to stop and call Ann to let her know I’d be late since I was playing with a squirrel. At least I have definitive proof and won’t think I’m nuts.

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  1. Evil eyed squirrel! LOL Found your blog by hitting that browse arrow up in the corner. You’re spot on with the new furniture/kids/pets thing. Especially the pets part!


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