S-Wii-ng, Batter!

Okay, so he was actually playing Wii Sports' golf and not baseball. In either case, Anthony has been having fun playing Wii the past few nights. He started off with baseball and realized it was more than he can chew, then he tried tennis and had the same result. Then I figured that if he … Continue reading S-Wii-ng, Batter!

More Awesome than Awesome

There are few things more awesome than awesome, and tonight I experienced one of them. I heard The Beatles' "Hey Jude" on XM after picking up Anthony from Grandma's house. I started to sing because, hey, who doesn't? I then prompted The Kid to start singing along to the last four minutes. Not only did … Continue reading More Awesome than Awesome


As mentioned in a previous post, I took Anthony bowling about a week ago and a fun time was had by both of us. I took a few pictures and video clips with my phone-cam since I didn't bring along my camera. This weekend we decided to shake things up a bit. On Saturday, we … Continue reading Gone!

On a Quest

I'm demanding some recognition from Rosarito! I just sent this e-mail using the addresses listed on their POST form. Sneaky, aren't I? ----- To: [xxx]@rosarito.org CC: [xxx]@rosarito.org, [xxx]@rosarito.org Subject: Billboard Correction On January 16, 2008, I sent the following e-mail via Rosarito.org: Are you aware of the spelling error on your current billboard? I see … Continue reading On a Quest

Glad to Be Back

Now that I've decided to make a less-than-triumphant return to blogging, I thought I'd entertain you on what I learned and did during my time off. Ready? Here we go. Things I Learned During My Time Off from Blogging You can’t ever really “find yourself.” Well, at least in such a short amount of time. … Continue reading Glad to Be Back