o hai

“i r possum can it be hugz teim now plz?”

This hissing creature was staring me down before I crossed the street to the train station yesterday. I stood just outside the passenger door of the Explorer to take some pictures, this one being the best of the bunch. When I started to cross the street it hissed some more and walked away. And I swear to [insert appropriate deity here] that the thing was about the size of a Volkswagen.

Oh, and we’ve been spared the misery of hearing our fate. The meeting, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed until the end of the month. I guess not everybody was available on Wednesday to share in the good news (or perhaps the Powers That Be forgot about their golf tourney in the Bahamas). So in the meantime I’m going to start getting stuff (aka the résumé) in order because I get the feeling it won’t be much longer. I’m predicting that by the end of this year, we’re done for.

I’ve also decided to try something a little more unconventional. Since I’m predicting the proverbial “other shoe” will fall at year’s end, I’m going to start making myself available by posting my career goals, writing samples, current job situation, etc. on LinkedIn, FaceBook and whatnot. (But I’ll probably avoid MySpace since I’ve already got a page there anyhow and it’s um, you know, too MySpacey.) Hopefully this way I’ll get the word out and get potential employers interested in me.

Hey, I know my job’s being eliminated soon. I’ve got to try something–and now.