More Awesome than Awesome

There are few things more awesome than awesome, and tonight I experienced one of them.

I heard The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” on XM after picking up Anthony from Grandma’s house. I started to sing because, hey, who doesn’t?

I then prompted The Kid to start singing along to the last four minutes. Not only did he oblige, he also clapped along.

It was freaking phenomenal I tells ya.
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As mentioned in a previous post, I took Anthony bowling about a week ago and a fun time was had by both of us. I took a few pictures and video clips with my phone-cam since I didn’t bring along my camera.

This weekend we decided to shake things up a bit. On Saturday, we took him ice skating at the Toyota Center which is literally around the corner from where I work. It was Anthony’s first time ice skating and he got to enjoy a trip on the train as well, so it all worked out.

He had a blast and was getting good towards the end of the session. Afterwards he made a proclamation that he now “wanted to play hockey.” I shot a video clip of his testimonial for future reference.

But when we got home and I began to transfer the images from the memory card, I noticed something had gone terribly wrong. I kept getting error messages about the files being corrupted–they now had strange names made up of symbols and whatnot. That’s usually not a good thing.

So I headed over to the PC running XP (which is nice to have) to try and recover the files using Fix-It Utilities. That program saved my ass in a few instances and I was hoping it would do its magic again.

After two hours of scanning the 2GB SanDisk MicroSD card, I was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t able to retrieve anything. Zip. Nada. So now I’ve got no cool shots of Anthony skating, of him singing along to “Whoomp! There It Is” at the top of his lungs at home, or of his bowling ball teetering back and forth inches in front of the pins…nothing.

I’ve since formatted the card and changed the settings in the phone to save images and clips to the internal memory. And I’ve also chosen not to let the phone be my full-time camera since, well, it isn’t. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again.