S-Wii-ng, Batter!

Okay, so he was actually playing Wii Sports’ golf and not baseball. In either case, Anthony has been having fun playing Wii the past few nights. He started off with baseball and realized it was more than he can chew, then he tried tennis and had the same result.

Then I figured that if he played a game in which he had control over the ball and where it was not being hurtled at him, he’d have better results. And I was right. Once he started playing golf I couldn’t get the Wiimote out of his little hands; the same thing with bowling. In fact, he came very close to my high score in golf (or at least the target practice minigame). Either he’s that good or I really suck.

And take note: he’s swinging from the left side just like ol’ Dad does.

Life is good.