Definitive Proof

You know, sometimes you just feel like tooting your own horn. And right now it’s my turn.

As you all know, I’ve been battling my weight and have been trying to lose a little more each day. It’s something I’ve pretty much been doing all my life but decided this year I’m sticking to it for good.

I had to go to the doctor today for what she later determined was a bad sinus infection. (Three prescriptions and $67 later, I believe it.) I’ve had it for over two weeks and finally got the chance to get medical attention today. As is customary, she examined my weight from my last few visits and needless to say, she was impressed. And so was I, so much so that I asked if I could shoot a picture of the on-screen graph of my progress.

And here it is:

While I’m a bit embarrassed to show my weight from then and even now, I think the graph and plots tell the real story here. When I went for a visit back in 2005 I tipped the scales at–Jesus Christ–297 pounds. And as you can see by the last plot, my current weight is 257 or so (depending on which I believe–mine or the doctor’s). That’s a total of 40 pounds lost in a little over years and although it sounds like I’m still a blimp, I don’t feel like one. I guess it’s a state of mind.

Additionally, the doctor confirmed that I don’t have any of the diseases I was (blood) tested for: Hepatitis, diabetes, and even my so-called good cholesterol is right where it should be. Despite being a big guy I’m healthy, although I do realize I’m still at risk and there’s a lot of work yet to be done.

Sure, a bit more than 10 pounds per year doesn’t sound like a big deal. But after looking at that graph and seeing that it’s only gone down I’m beginning to realize that yes, it really is.

I hope this image serves as an inspiration for those out there that are fighting the same battle: stick to it, people. Not only is it proof-positive that you can indeed do it, you’ll feel so much better once those pounds are gone.

My goal is still to be at 200 pounds by the time I’m 40. I’d better get busy 🙂

Leap Day Survey for 2008

Well, seein’s today is February 29, I’ve decided to post a little quiz that everybody is free to plagiarize and post as they see fit elsewhere. In fact I will probably post it to my–blecch–MySpace page as well.

Based on the happenings in the world today, the object is to get your opinion of how you think they will have changed by the next Leap Day in 2012. For example, “Will you be driving the same car? If no, then what will you be driving?”

The questions are broken into a few different categories just for fun. And as always, there are just a few simple rules:

  • Answer “yes” or “no” not “maybe”
  • Explanations are allowed if necessary

Ready? Here we go.

Continue reading

Totally Random Music Video for 2/27/08

Here’s something I may throw at you now and then: a random music video. Well, maybe not so random to me as they will be you. Chances are I heard the song on XM, had it going through my head for a few days or just really dig the video.

Or it could simply be a guilty pleasure. And I promise–no RickRolls. Unless, of course, the subject is Mr. Astley himself.

Ready for today’s Totally Random Music Video? Click the link below!

You Know You Want To…

Finding My Inner Dork

As you might recall, I had an idea not so long ago on how to spend my birthday money/Best Buy gift card. After much consideration I decided against the iPod Touch and took the family to the store to see what we can buy. Here’s the breakdown:

Ann: Motorola Bluetooth car unit.

Me: Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD.

Anthony: Crayola tin with music CDs and activity books, Snow Buddies DVD, yet another Thomas the Tank Engine DVD, Nintendo DS Paws & Claws game.

Total cost: Just over $150. Hey, at least we all got something and (after using my $20 Rewards certificate) we still had $37 left on the card. And what a surprise, the kid walked away with the most booty.

It then occurred to me that I still had $87 left on my Toys R Us gift card from Christmas. I had already spent $12 on some stuffed animal thing for Anthony; the rest was mine I tells ya. So what did I get? Continue reading

Local Filming

While on the way to work today I noticed more of those familiar yellow signs that mean filming is taking place. These read “FF4” and while I have no idea what that could possibly could mean, I’ve compiled a list of possibilities:

  • Fear Factor
  • Foo Fighters
  • Fantastic Four
  • Final Fantasy
  • Freddy Fender (Wait, he’s dead)
  • Ford Focus/Fusion

If you’re in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area, it’s happening at the abandoned factory on the corner of Spring Wardlow and Orange where, unless I’m mistaken, some filming (or a photo shoot) for Mitsubishi also took place. I can’t blame the location hunter–it is a bitchin’ place. I’ll try and snag a shot or two on the way home.

More uselessness. If you’ve seen the Volkswagen “Sign and Drive Event” commercial, that was filmed in the parking lot of Veterans’ Stadium in Long Beach. If you look closely you can see the old “Fly DC Jets” sign in the background along with “Home of the Boeing C-17” right below it.

Another (completely unrelated) entry will be posted tonight, in which you’ll find out How I Spent My $200 Best Buy Gift Card. Hint: I still have my 5G iPod.