Definitive Proof

You know, sometimes you just feel like tooting your own horn. And right now it's my turn. As you all know, I've been battling my weight and have been trying to lose a little more each day. It's something I've pretty much been doing all my life but decided this year I'm sticking to it … Continue reading Definitive Proof

Leap Day Survey for 2008

Well, seein's today is February 29, I've decided to post a little quiz that everybody is free to plagiarize and post as they see fit elsewhere. In fact I will probably post it to my--blecch--MySpace page as well. Based on the happenings in the world today, the object is to get your opinion of how … Continue reading Leap Day Survey for 2008

Totally Random Music Video for 2/27/08

Here's something I may throw at you now and then: a random music video. Well, maybe not so random to me as they will be you. Chances are I heard the song on XM, had it going through my head for a few days or just really dig the video. Or it could simply be … Continue reading Totally Random Music Video for 2/27/08

Finding My Inner Dork

As you might recall, I had an idea not so long ago on how to spend my birthday money/Best Buy gift card. After much consideration I decided against the iPod Touch and took the family to the store to see what we can buy. Here's the breakdown: Ann: Motorola Bluetooth car unit. Me: Indiana Jones … Continue reading Finding My Inner Dork

Local Filming

While on the way to work today I noticed more of those familiar yellow signs that mean filming is taking place. These read "FF4" and while I have no idea what that could possibly could mean, I've compiled a list of possibilities: Fear Factor Foo Fighters Fantastic Four Final Fantasy Freddy Fender (Wait, he's dead) … Continue reading Local Filming