In Brief

Since today came and went rather quick, I’ll keep with the theme and summarize today’s activities in bullets.

  • Took Anthony to the park where we hit some golf balls and pine cones
  • Ran around with him after we were done hitting golf balls–and pine cones
  • Took him to Grandma’s so I could have a few hours to myself, giving me time to ride a nice five miles on my bike
  • Got a massage* and Lordy, did it feel good

But perhaps the most interesting thing about today was the fact that while we played at the park, I kept up with Anthony…or rather, he kept up with me. I jogged at a steady pace and, much to my amazement, was not even winded afterwards.

For a guy my size I was rather impressed. Now I wouldn’t say I’m ready to run in a marathon but jogging actually felt…good. Strange, I know. And I wasn’t even wearing my good shoes. If this is yet another way for me to drop some pounds, it will be added to my list of physical activities.

Is a treadmill in my future? I still have $100 of birthday money left…


*A birthday gift from Ann which I would recommend to anybody