The Beauty Underneath

My Uncle Ben, rest his soul, was approached by a man by the name of Walt Disney back in the 50s. According to family legend, Disney was in the market for talented artists to assist him in bringing his dream–a place called Disneyland–to life.

Thinking the project was a bit too risky to accept, Uncle Ben turned down Disney’s offer to pursue his own interests. Said interests included what would be considered graphic art in today’s world: painting company logos on sides of buildings for small businesses. I recall seeing him working on numerous projects while I was young and while a career with Disney wasn’t meant to be, the smile on his face was proof enough that Uncle Ben loved his job.

It’s from this man that I presumably get my penchant for creativity and my admiration for all things graphic art–or at least that which is done by hand and not Adobe Illustrator.

Case in point: the unearthing of old hand-painted signs like those my uncle used to paint. Take the image below, for example (which actually inspired my latest Flickr album):

While on the way to Disneyland on Friday, we came across a shopping center that was a undergoing major renovation project. Part of the project included the removal of all current signage so that the facade could be primered and painted. Naturally, the original signs once again saw the light of day after years of being covered with run-of-the-mill, boxed and backlit signs.

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