The cool thing about this series of tubes is that, even in one’s most weakened condition, their online voice can still get their point across–whatever that may be.

This perfectly describes my situation. As of now, my physical voice is slowly fading away after battling what seems to be a cold or something that I contracted from Anthony. The runny nose, the cough and now, potentially voxless by tomorrow morning. I sound like that Brady kid when he was going through puberty.

Crap. But at least I’m not a voice actor or have a job that requires me to speak constantly.

In other news, we got our Best Buy gift card from Verizon and today, days after my birthday, I got my $50 birthday bonus from work. So here’s the breakdown:

  • $200 Best Buy gift card
  • $100 birthday money
  • $50 gift from work
  • $20 Best Buy Rewards Certificates

So there’s $370 for me to spend. The question is, what should I buy? The 32GB iPod Touch has been ruled out since my current (5G) iPod is holding up just fine. I was considering a MiniDV camera since I still have some tapes that require transfer and my current MiniDV camera is messed up. Then again, I could get a video camera with hard drive storage but I still have tapes that need transferring.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE 9:50pm: My voice is almost completely gone. Crap!