The Mind of a Child

Here's how kids can seriously mess with your mind. While driving home the other day, Anthony (now 4) saw the bike store where And and myself purchased bikes back in November. He wanted to know what the sign out front read. I told him it was the name of the store. But being the inquisitive … Continue reading The Mind of a Child

The Steve Perry Post

...has been deleted. I'm sure there are mirrors of it somewhere but meh, whatever. Turns out most people--mostly message board members--were really up and arms about it and calling me a liar so hey, whatever, there you go. Aside from this post, the only other place you'll find his name on this blog are here … Continue reading The Steve Perry Post

I’m Down with No PC

Yeah, you know me! Network down @ work. Productivity suffers. --- UPDATE: We're now back online, as is evident by this...update.