The Mind of a Child

Here’s how kids can seriously mess with your mind.

While driving home the other day, Anthony (now 4) saw the bike store where And and myself purchased bikes back in November. He wanted to know what the sign out front read.

I told him it was the name of the store. But being the inquisitive kid he is, he continued to ask questions.

Tony: Did you buy my bike there?

Me: No, we bought yours somewhere else because it was cheaper. Mommy and Daddy bought their bikes there because we’re big and aren’t going to grow any more. You will keep growing and will need a few more bikes before we buy you a big boy bike. And we’ll buy it at that store.

Tony: Okay, Daddy. But I want to keep my old bikes to give to my kids.

(Here’s where I just about started to cry)

Tony (cont.) : That way, Grandma and Grandpa can watch them ride. And Nana (my mom), too.

(Awkward silence)

Me: Yes, Anthony. I’m sure that they will all watch them ride your bikes.

Tony: (giggles) Yeah, that’ll be fun!

By the time I got home I was so emotionally drained I had to sit for a minute. Think about it: here’s this innocent 4-year-old child looking forward to the day when he can give his child his old bikes, so his grandparents can watch them ride them.

So why is that so significant?

Math time. I’m 39 now. If Anthony has a kid by age 20 (and he’d better not), I’ll be 55. His grandparents are an average of 70 now, so they’d be almost 90 if he has kids by age 20 (and he’d better not).

I’m not saying that it’s not entirely possible for all of us to see this actually happen, but you have to admire the kid’s optimism about it all.

Then again, he has eaten a few crayons in his time.

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