What A Nightmare

I must have been a glutton for punishment last night. Yesterday, Ann picked up the 15th anniversary, limited-edition, super-special digitally enhanced version of Tim Burton's emo classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Note: I'm not emo; I just dig the movie.) At any rate, the movie comes packed with three discs: the movie, the bonus content, … Continue reading What A Nightmare


Not Right Now…!

So I turned on my XBOX 360 the other day and noticed something strange. No, I wasn't greeted by the dreaded RROD, thank [insert appropriate deity here]. Rather my 42" TV had some colorful bars scrolling from the bottom to the top of the screen. While I can definitely appreciate the artsy-fartsy aspect of these … Continue reading Not Right Now…!

Let’s Get (a) Physical

Well, I was going to embed that hackneyed Olivia Neutron-Bomb video in this post but it um...it's got too many oily beau hunks for my liking. But hey, if that's your thing, who am I to disappoint? At any rate I went to the doctor today for my annual physical. Um, let me rephrase that. … Continue reading Let’s Get (a) Physical

A Cool Summer

Summers in southern California usually mean one thing: freaking hot. We're talking drive-with-your-AC-on-all-day, better-get-out-the-Slip-N-Slide, I'm-gonna-die-because-it's-so-hot hot. Then there was the Summer of Aught-8. I think we may have turned on the house AC maybe twice in a single week if we're lucky. For the most part, the ceiling fans in each room have produced enough … Continue reading A Cool Summer

What A Party!

There are reasons why I always carry my camera with me to work. While my phone-cam definitely works in a pinch, there are times when I want to shoot something at a higher resolution than my phone is capable of. It is a phone after all. Yesterday while walking to the train I happened upon … Continue reading What A Party!