More from Disneyland

Just something I witnessed outside the entrance while we waited for my brother. Note that “Under the Sea” was the song that was being piped through the speakers at the time; I didn’t add it.

I don’t who the dude was but I thank him for the free pre-park entertainment!

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@ Disneyland

Holy crap, do I want!

UPDATE 6/29/08: I bought. I ate. Marshmallows covered in caramel covered in an orange-flavored coating. And my God, did I enjoy. I figure we walked over 2 miles so what the heck.

We got there about 5 p.m., saw an old friend that now works there, saw the Electrical Parade, rode Anthony’s favorites, left just before midnight, got home about 12:15 a.m. Anthony fell asleep before we left the lot.

But perhaps the most amazing thing of all was that we got to park one row away from the tram stop in the Timon Lot. It hasn’t been all that busy lately from what I hear.

But that’s better for us locals, you know 🙂

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Weekend Plans and Other Stuff

First, I must quickly explain my recent lack of posts here and at 200by40.

Tuesday evening I found a suspicious object on my front yard. Upon further inspection and later confirmation from a local authority, it was determined to be a crack pipe. Needless to say it wasn’t mine, but a week before that I did notice suspicious activity in the neighborhood as did my some of my neighbors.

I won’t get further into details but let’s just say that finding the thing on my property sent me from Mild-Mannered Dork to Vigilant Father mode. I am now coordinating with neighbors to see what we can do about the problem. That’s all I’m saying until it is resolved and trust me, we are not tolerating it and it will be resolved.


The weekend looks pretty good! I’ve been listening to The Beatles all day to sort of cleanse my ears from the catchy George Michael tunes that have been stuck in my head since the concert. It seemed to work. Thank [insert appropriate deity here] for The Lads from Liverpool.

Here’s what’s on the weekend slate:

Saturday: Mostly a day of relaxing until we meet my brother at Disneyland so he can sign us in at the end of his shift. His blackout dates begin in July and any SoCal resident will tell you that you’re out of your mind if you go there during peak attendance. It’s just not happening, but he told me that it’s been pretty light lately. So it’s off to check out the new Toy Story ride (if the line’s not too long), Enchanted Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Anthony’s other favorites. We might even stop by the Disney Character Warehouse before for some cheap (and official) Disneyland crap and the only Sonic in the area for some banana split goodness afterwards. Should be good times.

Sunday: We are cleaning out Anthony’s room because it’s a downright disaster. Not only that, but Ozzie (aka Ozziekat) has been sleeping in there and making beds out of boxes of toys, pawing them onto the floor. That cat. I dunno.

That’s the plan. Take it easy and see you Monday!

And hey, can anybody tell me what’s up with this post from 2004? According to my WordPress stats, it’s got 41 views and 33 clicks from search results today (as of this post).

Any clues? I’m interested…

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George Michael Live in L.A.

Great show so far!

UPDATE 12-25-16: RIP, George. And thank you for an incredible performance.

UPDATE 6-26-08 (1 of 2): It’s come to my attention that this entry has been posted in a few threads at the George Michael Forums, and I’ve got no problem with that. (In fact, hi everybody!) The more hits the better, I always say 🙂

At any rate, I probably won’t be joining the forums since I won’t have much to add other than this: I have a few more pictures that I will post later and hope you enjoy. Know, however, that they aren’t the best because of my seats and my 2MP phone-cam, but they will be posted anyhow.

I also shot a video clip of one song that, YouTube rules pending, will also be posted. So if you don’t want any spoilers, I’d urge you to NOT click on the second update coming tonight.

A quick assessment of the show: it was nothing short of amazing and I was glad I went–even if we did have to leave at 11 p.m. (I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for work the next morning.)

UPDATE 6-26-08 (2 of 2): The images (click to enlarge):

If you want to read more, click the link below! Now includes video links.

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Quick Post

Just so you don’t think I’ve disappeared, I’m here to let you know that not only am I alive and well, but that Ann and I will be going to see George Michael tonight at The Forum in Los Angeles. Ann’s been dying to see him but since we both thought ticket prices were just insane, we didn’t buy any.

Then last week it was announced that TicketBastard would be selling some for 25 hours at the reasonable price of $25 each plus their so-called “handling fees.”*

I’m sure a picture or two will be forthcoming provided I can sneak my camera in.

Oh wait, cameras are prohibited but cell phones aren’t?

Ah, I get it.

I think.

*Logically, 3 tickets @ $25 = $75. After fees and such, 3 tickets @ $25 = $107, parking extra. Fark off, TicketBastard!