Ads? In My Parking Garage?

It’s more likely than you think.

I was greeted to this ad just the other day. It was strategically placed on a wall in the lowest level of the parking structure at work. While not as strange as, oh I don’t know, a Viagra ad above a urinal, this definitely got my attention only because it was in a place I never expected it to be.

With Volkswagen’s introduction of the Tiguan, they hope to snag a piece of the small SUV market which already seems to be over saturated with RAV4s, CR-Vs, Escapes, VUEs, Rogues, Nitros, Elements, Santa Fes, Sportages…hell, might as well bring back the Daihatsu Rocky.

But it’s also nice to see that VW has also stayed true to their stupid car name roots, which already includes the Thing, Eos, Scirocco, Corrado, Vanagon, Touareg, Phaeton, Routan…

Goofy names aside, I shamefully admit to learning how to drive a stick in an old VW van that smelled like pot and rotting seats (but then again, which one didn’t?). And if given the opportunity to own an extra ride, I’d probably want one of these.

C’mon, California Lottery…

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