How to Hold A Camera

The title of this post should actually be "How to Hold a Digital SLR So You Won't Look Like a Poser" but for the sake of space, you get the abbreviated version. Whilst at Disneyland this Saturday I came across a sight that is slowly becoming more obvious to me than ever before, and it’s … Continue reading How to Hold A Camera


An Announcement

I've made an announcement over at my other blog. Go by and check it out!


Here’s a list of 10 things I do without really thinking. Without fail, I eat fries before the main course (when I do eat fries). Speaking of fries, I sprinkle salt and pepper on the ketchup rather than the fries. When drinking a bottled beverage with a sticker label, the label’s seam is always facing … Continue reading Idiosyncrasies

Living in the 80s: Cars

Okay peeps, the first set of my 80s pictures is up and running. There aren't too many there just yet but keep checking back as I will start to upload them when I can. Believe me, more are coming! First topic: cars. These are pictures I took at car shows, at home, in general. And … Continue reading Living in the 80s: Cars

Living in the 80s

Sounds cliché but hey, why not? For a good portion of my life, I worked in photo labs. In fact, my first job back in 1987 was at a photo lab in Long Beach, CA inside Ralphs “The Giant” store on South Street. The next one was also in Long Beach and because she lived … Continue reading Living in the 80s