A Cool Summer

Summers in southern California usually mean one thing: freaking hot. We’re talking drive-with-your-AC-on-all-day, better-get-out-the-Slip-N-Slide, I’m-gonna-die-because-it’s-so-hot hot.

Then there was the Summer of Aught-8.

I think we may have turned on the house AC maybe twice in a single week if we’re lucky. For the most part, the ceiling fans in each room have produced enough cool air to keep our house comfortable. And as for driving, I only turn it on once I get to the truck so that it’ll blow the hot, trapped air out. Other than that I just haven’t driven with it on this summer.

In fact, we went to a Concert in the Park tonight and it was cool enough to wear a sweater. This is also the case when I wait for my ride at train station in the morning.

But taking all that into consideration, when I think about those past summer nights when it was nearly 90 degrees in the evening and I was tossing and turning in bed with the AC and ceiling fan on, I’ll take these cool summers more often.