A Second Garden, Part Deux

My, how things have changed in the backyard.

You might recall the two gardens we planted in the backyard not so long ago. It’s been a long time since I mentioned anything about them so I thought I’d take some time and do it now.

Bell peppers and beefsteak tomatoes: They never really grew as large as we expected so we ripped them out a few weeks ago. I don’t think we’re missing much.

Pickling cucumbers: The cucumber plant yielded plenty so we made lots of pickles. And are they good–very good! We still have a few jars in the fridge and no, you can’t have any 🙂 We have since taken the cucumber plant out as it was starting to wither, but I think you’d start to wither if you gave that much produce as well.

Cherry tomatoes: Anthony got great enjoyment out of picking his “red, juicy tomatoes.” Like the cucumbers, we got more than our share and they made for great additions to salads. We still have a few vines left but they are going to be yanked over the weekend.

Corn: Six stalks, six ears! In fact we barbecued three ears tonight for dinner and were they gooooood. The stalks have been cut and will be removed soon.

So with everything dying off, what the hell’s left?

Onions: They are still growing. I wish they’d hurry up.

Apple tree: See “Onions.”

Pumpkins: Oh boy, do we have pumpkin vines. As of this post, there are about eight pumpkins in various stages of growth. I thought this would be cool for Anthony so he have some for Halloween but if you chose to do the same, here’s some advice: make sure you have room. They vine like mad and will take over your backyard if you’re not careful!

Eggplant: Ann’s dad likes eggplant so she started growing these just for him. I’m glad he likes them.

Watermelon: My little watermelon vine only has three watermelons but that’s better than nothing if you ask me. Right now the big ones are about the size of a softball.

Sunflowers: Ann likes ’em so they are still left.

Interested in seeing what’s left? Head on over to this Flickr album and check it out for yourself! If you’ve never seen a pumpkin growing on the vine you should give this a gander.

Have a great weekend, all. We’ve got nothing planned so who know what kind of trouble we’ll be getting ourselves into!

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