A Second Garden

I took a day off work yesterday to spend time with the family.

In addition to dropping off and picking up Anthony from pre-preschool (he “officially graduated” to preschool and has the “diploma” to show for it), we decided to plant a new garden in some wasted space we had in the corner.

One trip to the local nursery and the deed was done. In addition to our existing garden ripe with cherry tomatoes, carrots, pickling cucumbers and beefsteak tomatoes, our new second garden has corn, grapes, pumpkins, watermelon and some herbs. We planted the pumpkins right in time to be picked for Halloween and the corn and watermelon might just be ready at the end of the summer.

We made a mistake with the cucumbers by letting them get too big for pickling. We’re going to pick them while smaller and pickle them so we can have a nice jarful of them. I’ve picked a few cherry tomatoes and there are plenty more coming in, too. Those’ll be nice for salads (and will be salmonella-free).

I’ll post the images later because I did take some but haven’t had the time to upload them just yet.

And let me take this opportunity to say that I really feel like a hippie. All I need are some Birkenstocks and love beads.

But hey, growing your own vegetables is turning out to be fun, relaxing, and educational for Anthony, who can’t wait to pick that first apple from his “buddy,” the apple tree planted in the center of it all 🙂

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