This weekend I was starting to get calls regarding the delinquency–the lofty amount of $8 USD–of my XM Radio account. Apparently Ann had forgotten to send the full amount or something.

At any rate, it pissed me off. I’d been a loyal customer for years and now they want to start pegging me for a measly $8? Not only that, I had once called their so-called Customer Care line to pay for a year of service on two radios and they couldn’t even come up with the total. Evidently they don’t have calculators in India or Pakistan or wherever XM outsources this work. (I so wanted to ask them what they thought about the new Metallica channel and if they were going to buy the Death Magnetic when it came out.)

So in order to take care of my debt, I called their Customer Care line and waited for my options.

I was disconnected after speaking with one person that didn’t even handle my issue properly.

And the language barrier is always fun when you call them but at the same time, frustrating as Hell when you can’t make them understand what you want.

And that was part of my problem. For all the joy my XM Radio brings you, one call to their Customer Care line is enough to make you want to forget you ever had the service.

But this time I was on a mission: because they were after me for those stinking $8 when they weren’t eager enough to determine one year of service on two radios, I was going to cancel all four of my XM Radio accounts and just do without. That was really going to show them. Yeah, it was.

By Tuesday night I was online activating two of the four radios I had canceled on Friday night.

Face it, people. Terrestrial radio sucks ass–major ass. I mean, mondo-huge amounts of hairy ass. There’s so much garbage on it that the last time I listened to it on a regular basis was when I was using an empty FM frequency to transmit the XM signal to my car stereo (before I had a car with an auxiliary input). I had grown so accustomed to everything XM had to offer that living without it would be very difficult, especially when I had two unused receivers sitting around the house.

Besides, Anthony missed his XM Kids on Channel 116. (Note: SIRIUS’ KidStuff sucks. They only have something like 20 songs in their library and half of them are Dan Zanes.)

XM has had me and they still do. So I sucked it up and admitted defeat, but not before I went online and looked up a code for free activation and my first 3 months of service free of charge. Where’s your $8 now, huh?!

I’m once again proud to be part of the XM Nation and to pay for quality content, merger or not.

I just hope I never have to call them again for anything.