Seven Years Later

Memorial outside New York New York casino in Las Vegas, 2002

I haven’t forgotten.

Anthony is the only four-year-old fireman I know of. He calls himself “Fireman Anthony” and me “Fireman Daddy” and has a collection of toy firetrucks next to his bed, along with a real LAFD helmet his uncle got him. He keeps his fireman boots by the side of his bed like a real fireman because, as I tell him, firemen always need to be ready at a moment’s notice and they never know what they’ll be facing.

And tonight I will have to explain to a curious little four-year-old that on this day seven years ago, thousands of innocent people–including some of his heroes in the fire and police department–died.

I will have to tell him why Daddy cried. I will have to tell him that there are bad people in this world that simply don’t blink an eye at the thought of killing others. I will hold him, hug him, and remind him that the world he lives in is definitely not like the one Daddy knew.

After all that, I will pick up my little fireman, carry him to his bed, kiss him on the cheek and salute him like I always do. As his fragile mind shifts to fighting imaginary fires in Dreamworld, mine will still see the very real and horrific explosions coming from the World Trade Center towers.

Lest we forget.

One Year Later

Last night, Ann slapped me on the knee and reminded me of something I had forgotten about.

“Hey, tomorrow will be one year since your operation!”

Really? Already? Damn.

Yes, if you can believe it or not, it has been one year since I went under the knife to have hernia repair surgery. (Well, technically it will be later tonight.) It was definitely an event I’ll never forget, coming home in an anesthetic stupor and telling Ann that “I don’t know how to” sit down.

And that was just the beginning.

But blah, rather than harp on it all over again, here are some relevant links:

By the way, today I feel great. There is still some minor discomfort now and then but nothing compared to the constant pain I endured for years before that. On a side note, it’s now also difficult for me to some of the cartoon character voices I used to do for Anthony. I can’t hit the high and low ranges the way I used to. Dang!

Hernias are a real bitch to deal with and if you even suspect you have one, get examined ASAP because if you turn out to be a dumbass like me and let it go too long, it can get worse. It may become incarcerated or strangulated which can kill some vital tissues–and you, if you’re not careful.

So don’t be a dumbass! Get it taken care of! About the only thing you’ll regret is not getting the surgery done sooner because you’ll have your life back and feel fantastic.