Ye Olde Internet

It’s Friday so I thought I’d write a fun entry.

How long have you been on the Internet? Me, I’ve been around since about 1994 when I accessed the Web via WebTV. I paid nearly $400 for that thing but as you can imagine, using it became cumbersome and I eventually bought a Packard Bell PC at Sears with some amazing specs: 8GB HD, 233 MHz processor, 256MB RAM. It also came with a printer and monitor, and I paid the amazingly low price of $1,999—on sale, no less. I had also purchased a Visioneer 5×7 pass-thru scanner and Iomega ZIP 100 drive for it since, you know, this was one hell of a machine!

But it was that machine that opened my eyes to all sorts of cool things in the Internet. Well, cool for the mid-90s at least. Let me now entertain you with what I remember, and see if you can recall these things, too.

Note that most of the links are through since the current domain may be dedicated to something totally unrelated, so there may be many broken images when you click on them. When you do click, read through some of the claims as they are pretty damned funny. And keep in mind, folks, all of this was done on dial-up. Yeesh…

Are you ready to take a trip back to what seems like so long ago? Here we go! It might be a long trip so grab some snacks. Pop-Tarts for me, please!

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