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(Note that this post will be updated as needed. I’m just to fucking pissed right now that I had to get this out.)

Last week after she dropped off Anthony at preschool, Ann was informed that the school’s office had been burglarized. Part of what was taken was the pile of checks for tuition and lunch, of which we had two (one from Ann’s mom). From that point on I had told Ann that we now needed to be vigilant in watching activity on our account since some asshole took it upon themselves to steal the identities of hard-working people.

So we did. In fact, we closed the checking account from which we drew the check. We figured that way if the lugnut that stole the checks wanted to cash them or order new ones, their efforts would have been in vain (at least as far as we were concerned).

Then today I got a call from VISA Praud Prevention asking me to verify some suspicious charges. There were three pending check card transactions at a Duane Reade pharmacy (whatever the fuck that is) totaling over $600 and one at a McDonald’s for $14.61. Both were traced to New York and between 12:00 and 12:35 a.m. There was also one for a Bed, Bath & Beyond in Ohio.

I disputed them all because, living in California, does anybody see a problem with those charges? I have never set foot in New York or Ohio nor do I ever plan to. So while I can’t positively link the stolen checks with the fraudulent charges on my check card, it sure as hell makes me start to wonder.

So now the whole fucking bullshit begins: closing accounts/canceling check cards, figuring out how and where to cash my paycheck (since I immediately canceled Direct Deposit after the checks were stolen), having Ann’s mom close her account, deciding on whether to even bother opening a new checking account elsewhere if somebody’s got my information, being fucking paranoid to shit and wondering if I should delete every online presence I have including the blogs, etc.

This, my friends, is what happens when you become victimized: you fucking freak out.

And here’s where things start to get nasty.

It’s all pretty fucked-up when you think about it. Here I am, dead asleep in California while some asshole of a criminal is trying to buy McDonald’s. While I’m sitting at work doing my job and making sacrifices so that my wife can stay at home with our son, this fucker is out trying to steal food from my family’s collective mouth. What a fucking prick you have to be to so something like that.

But even in the midst of all this, I’ve managed to remain somewhat sensible. I contacted Duane Reade about the transactions to find out if they were online so that an IP address could be traced, or in person to see if maybe their security cameras caught a glimpse of the asshole that tried to steal my money. (UPDATED: I have learned that they were swiped transactions with a fake check card). I will also be in contact with my local authorities to see if there is anything that can be done on a local level.

So now the fun begins. Yay. And to the fucking assholes responsible for this mess, all I have to say is this: don’t worry–I’ll find you.


2 thoughts on “Victimized

  1. Wow Dave. I have my wallet stolen in the 80’s and although the “electronic age” was not in full swing back then, they managed to wrack up several 1,000s of dollars of charges before a JC Penney employee refused to swipe the card, chased the perpetrator out into the parking lot, and got his license plate number. I went through hell trying to prove all of those charges were not mine. It’s ugly.

    Check these out: or


  2. Fortunately, VISA was keen enough to notice a slew of charges that didn’t seem very logical. And being none of them went through, I will not be accountable for them. VISA also called me years ago on the same thing during Christmas but in that case, it was indeed me doing the spending. This situation was downright weird and scary.

    I am prepared to do whatever it takes to nail those responsible. I have already called the fraud department of my local police department and am awaiting their callback. This isn’t over!

    Oh, and thanks for the links!


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