Because I don’t feel well today, I had originally planned on going home at 11:30 a.m. and use what’s left of my PTO to cover the rest of the day.

Then I got an e-mail telling us that we need to hold off on lunches until after 12:15 p.m. for an “announcement.”

Nobody knew about this until the e-mail went out. I may be reading into this too much but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about my job.

Updates to follow when I get home while on lunch and after I get home. And I wrote a post while on the train today which I will upload later as well. Advice: have Kleenex ready.

UPDATES (in the order they happened, from the top):

  • It’s 12:45 p.m. We haven’t had our meeting yet.
  • Two people seen leaving with boxes filled with personal items. They haven’t come back or said goodbye.
  • Nothing has been said to us. Mood is somber.
  • The meeting has been rescheduled to 2:30 so my sick ass has to hang around until then. I have clocked out for lunch since, considering I’m off at 4:30, I might as well put in a full day.
  • Received e-mail from Corporate about today’s challenging economic environment and what must be done to remain afloat. Company-wide staff reduction is mentioned. Gee, with what I’ve seen today, you think?
  • Meeting in 10 minutes. Nobody looks happy.
  • Layoffs officially began Company-wide; 8 let go here including Web proofreader–my former position before becoming regular proofreader.

That was all for today. I think that was enough.


6 thoughts on “Worried

  1. I “love” that the layoff email came after you saw people leaving. This is a sweeping generalization, but why can’t companies do anything right?


  2. You wanna know how jacked-up this thing was? Our meeting started with Boss-Person stating the following:

    “I’m sure by know you’ve all heard the news…”

    Everybody in the room said “no” because we’d seen but hadn’t been officially told what was going on. Boss-Person then confirmed the layoffs.

    I guess this how things are handled these days. What a crock.


  3. @ David: PTO= Paid Time Off. We’re allotted 12 hours each month which, if you play your cards right, can add up quickly.

    It’s still gloomy around here. I’d say it’s time to update the resume, but who’s hiring?


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