Dialog 2: Lightning

A few weeks ago we were in the midst of some pretty hefty rainstorms here in southern California. After an overnight drenching, Ann tells me the next morning about what she saw and heard at about 2 a.m.

Ann: Hey, did you hear that noise this morning about 2?

Me: Noise?

Ann: Yeah. Well, you were alseep so you probably didn’t. But I heard this loud humming sound and saw, like, three bright flashes of light outside the window. I mean, they were bright.

Me: Really?

Ann: Yeah, it was pretty strange.

Me: Maybe some lighting struck somewhere or a transformer blew up.

Ann: I dunno.

Me (thinking): Did you happen to look outside to see if a Delorean went flying down the street?

Ann (smirking): No, there was no Delorean out there.

Me: Hmm. (shrugs) Well, I’m out of ideas then.