Dialog 3: Jesus

The three of us were at a local party/teacher supply store looking for more goodies for The Kid’s 5th birthday party in a few weeks. While crusing the aisles, I came across the Christian school supply section. One item in particular caught my attention so I reached for my phone so that I could take a picture of it. Ann and The Kid approach as I am standing taking the shot.

The Kid (facepalms self): Oh, good Lord…

Me: Pretty much, yeah.

Here’s what I had taken a picture of:

The Jesus Wig and Beard costume. Comes complete with thorny crown!


4 thoughts on “Dialog 3: Jesus

  1. Okay, look. I didn’t write “Doglic” I wrote “Dog Lic.” Not my fault you can’t read my scribbles 🙂 You also forgot your son saying [edited by Dave].


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