Big City Slider Station, Part Trois

In Episode One, I praised the Big City Slider Station for doing everything it promised, a rarity when it comes to merchandise seen on infomercials.

In Episode Two, I lambasted the very same item for its performance, aka leaving what appeared to be silver spray paint on the burgerlets.

In this, the third and final installment of the series, I find resolution.

Shortly after Billy Mays’ cooking device left the aforementioned silver lining on our burgers, I e-mailed the company to find out about getting a refund. I mentioned that there was no possible way that this could be healthy, that I posted an image of the tainted burger on my blog (and included the link), and that others have also experienced the same thing.

I had figured that since Ann bought the thing at one of those As Seen On TV stores and not by calling the 800-number, we were pretty much sunk. We didn’t have the box or receipt, either.

But we were mistaken.

Within a few business days I received an apology from a company representative who also stated that they would issue a refund for the trouble. All they needed to know was where we purchased the item, what it cost me, and my street address. I sent them the information and, no further questions asked, got my check for $25 in the mail within a week.

While I am appreciative for the effort put into getting my refund out to me, as one commentator pointed out in Episode Two, it really makes you wonder why they are doing so.

Is it because they are afraid of a class action lawsuit against them from people that have experienced the same thing? Hush money? They are loaded and just want to give money to anybody?

Whatever the case may be it’s a lesson learned about buying infomercial products—as if we needed one—and we got our $25 back. But no matter what ShamWow’s Vince tells me, I’ll never love his nuts.

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9 thoughts on “Big City Slider Station, Part Trois

  1. Good for you. 🙂

    As for the slapchop guy…it’s too bad. 😦

    But we’ll always have the memories:

    The RapChop (remix):


  2. :3 I love my slider. But you do know that the coating will EVENTUALLY come off. Every other prodcut with a coating will have that coating come off at some point. And that’s why u use non-stick spray after that.


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