Big City Slider Station, Part Deux

Earlier this month, I mentioned that Ann picked up one of those Big City Slider Stations and other than wanting to repeatedly kick Billy Mays in the electrons because of his loud mouth, we’ve been pleased with it.

Then this happened the other day:


While cooking some slabs of ground beef, Ann noticed that after removing the press, each slab of meat was covered in what I can only describe as something resembling silver spray paint. I mean what you see above is nothing. The whole top of the burger looked like it was painted with Rustoleum. We ended up throwing that batch away since, well, we weren’t about to eat that crap.

The picture you see above was the second batch we made. Not as bad but they still had some of that strange residue on top. We cooked them as directed; washed the stupid thing as the intstructions read.

Why in the Hell did my burgers have that silver crap on them? Is anybody else stupid enough to listen to that jerk Billy Mays having the same problem?

I’m glad we didn’t throw out the ol’ George Foreman grill just yet because, if this is any indication of the product’s performance, it won’t be getting much more use and is headed to the trash can very soon.

Get bent, Billy Mays.

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26 thoughts on “Big City Slider Station, Part Deux

  1. Yuck. Throw it out. Why do you buy shit like that? Hmm. I should be nice since I haven’t been blogging much. It’s the martinis and the stress of leaving on a big business trip and returning to tech week for my show. I know, I know, blah blah blah it’s all about me. But any product that puts a silver coating on your burger has got to be bad. And how hard is it really to make sliders on your George Forman? I’ll stop now. Really. 🙂


  2. yeah i bought ine from bed bath and beyond and one side of the fuckin thing dont cook and and all the grease collected at the bottom of the silder station yeah got to say that this is bullshit but im going to try one more time and if it dont work then i going to find billy mays and give a reason to hollar.


  3. What a cute idea.., truth is I fed my kids these burgers and by the third time I used this piece of trash I nearly wasted a whole lb of beef. The burgers had silver paint all over them. So how long before someone sues the company for tephlon poisoning?? So mad I could scream as loud as Billy!!


    • Thanks for posting we just experienced exactly the same thing on our third use of the station. We emailed the company, but we wasted good sirloin. Three uses is pretty soon after purchase, how did this get to the market without someone noticing this?


  4. The same thing happened to our family, only we did not notice until AFTER we had used this product several times. We all got sick, and the doctor said we had “teflon flu”. I’m saying law suit. My children are 6 and 9. The teflon didn’t show up until the third batch, which we threw away. So I am researching a class action law suit. If any one else has this problem, email me. This product needs to be removed from the public.


    • That’s pretty scary, Jenny. Hope you all are well.

      I will provide your e-mail address upon request and am sending an e-mail to the company right now.


    • This happened to us tonight. My wife was sick the last time we used this but we didn’t notice any silver coating until now. This is very frightening.


  5. Jenny – what kind of symptoms did you have, we used it last week and I didn’t really notice – but my kids and I are having stomach problems. Yesterday I noticed the paint and we e-mailed the company….they told us this was not common.


  6. Maryann,

    I e-mailed them last week and have yet to get a response. How long did it take for you? What was their attitude towards the paint/coating? Did they promise to replace the unit or offer a refund, and are they aware that people are becoming ill after using this thing?

    I will file a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission alter tonight and I urge everybody else who has had the same problem to do the same. Link is here:


  7. This same thing just happened to us tonight, the second time we have used the Slider Station. Thanks for the link to the CPSC– I just filed a report. This product needs to be recalled immediately!


    • I e-mailed the company ( and they are supposed to be refunding my money. We’ll see.

      That will not stop me, however, from filing a report!


  8. I got a refund check within a week, no questions asked and no receipt required. Hmmmmm…. seems to me that the company is gearing up to defend a class action lawsuit. Why else would they give a refund that easily???

    I also filed complaint reports on a few consumer websites including CPSC.


  9. same story here… gray paint on second use… let BCS know via email… received refund within 2 business days.


  10. Used this for the second time tonight. Ended up with Teflon on the burgers as well. That was after we had already eaten some. Sent of a report to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


  11. I had the same silver flake problem as many of you. Contacted the manufacturer via email as many of you suggested and got a “send it back to us and we’ll send you a new one” message.

    I explained I didn’t want a new one, but a refund and they said they don’t give refunds. Which is obviously a lie based on the comments on this post.

    All well, what am I going to do.


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