Life Is A Highway

Life Is A Highway, originally uploaded by aeromat.

This path will almost take me to beach. Freaking awesome. Plan on at least 10 miles today.

UPDATE: Part of the reason I went for a ride today was to clear my mind of what’s been going on with the job situation. Exercise aside, I just needed a few hours to myself to enjoy the wind in my face and forget about the reality of what happened on Tuesday.

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Unfortunately, the wind was against me in both directions. But that’s okay because the ride was everything I needed at a time when I needed it most. Even with the wind whipping against me, as you can see by the image on the left, I managed to log just over 16 miles round trip. That which does not kill me…

For some real fun, click here to see the entire route. It doesn’t seem like much from space but man, as I got closer to the beach (where I decided to turn around), the breezes only got stronger and the ride got harder. Despite it all, I pushed on and wasn’t nearly as tired as I thought I would be when I finally got home–some 90 minutes after I left.

There were quite a few people out today which was cool; almost all nodded or said “Good morning” to their fellow cyclists in passing. I later learned why the trails were so busy today. Wasn’t someone supposed to be participating in that event…?

The backpack you see in the first image posted was the one I took to work every day and as such, I still had my camera stashed away in it. This gave me the opportunity to shoot some images I thought would be worth sharing.

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While I’m not entirely sure what kind of bird this is, I do know of one thing: that lump in his throat is a rat (or some other large rodent). I saw the water foul grab the rodent from the water and I decided to stop and take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the bird had already swallowed it so I missed getting a shot of it dangling from its beak.

Disgusting? Not at all. That’s nature. Note that the digital zoom was nearly maxed out for this shot, hence the slight pixelization.

Speaking of nature, I passed umpteen squirrels playing in the parks that run adjacent to the bike trail. While I could have strayed away from the trail and rode through the park, I decided not to as, being unfamiliar with the path, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get back to the path if I entered the park. Better safe than sorry.

I also have an image for you 9/11 Truthers out there.

All in all, it was an awesome experience: cool weather, the iPod Shuffle maintained its charge despite not being connected (and charged) for a long time, and the Trek bike performed as it usually does–flawlessly.

And burning one hell of a lot of calories isn’t so bad, either.

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4 thoughts on “Life Is A Highway

  1. Is the T-1000 on your tail or something? I don’t think you can ride that bike fast enough to evade him.


    1. No, just gangbangers. Not really, but the wind seemed to be against me each direction. Not even tired if you can believe that. More later!


  2. nice work, man. there’s a bike trail along the santa ana river that goes from basically corona to where huntington beach and newport come together that i ride sometimes. funny how the wind seems to change directions on you. i think the whole offshore onshore change usually occurs about 4 ish?

    and, yes, when you get around anaheim stadium there are a few individuals of questionable moral fiber hanging out along the river bed. in fact, there’s a whole shanty town under the bridge by the jail.

    i ride quite quickly through that particular section of the course…


    1. Hoodlums? In Anaheim? Noooo!

      Yeah, the wind almost killed me but it was a good time. I hit the trail about 9:45 and had to head back in time to pick up the kid from preschool. If not for that and the wicked wind, I would have reached the beach no problem.


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