A Full Slate

Happy Grand Prix! Today is the 35th running of the Long Beach Grand Prix and I can hear the cars roaring down Shoreline Drive from just outside my window, which is nowhere near the venue. Tells you how loud those things are. Anyway, let’s get to the meat of today’s sandwhich, okay?

I’ve got a busy week coming up but not because I’ll be starting my new job. I went to fill out some paperwork last Thursday and I got a pleasant surprise: I’m not scheduled to start until April 27th, which means that I now have another week of “vacation” to be with the family and to do other assorted things. How awesome is that?!

So what does that mean? It means I’ve got a full slate of activities this week, and here they are.

Monday: Take The Kid to school and go for another long bike ride. Might even make it to the beach this time. I also have piles of paperwork I need to fill out for the new job (since it is contract work), and I have to go and take the obligatory drug/pee-pee test which I’m sure I’ll pass with flying colors.

Tuesday: Since Spring Break is over, our Disneyland passes are no longer blacked-out so we plan on spending some time there, quite possibly a good portion of the day depending on how hot it gets. It’s supposed to be in the 90s in Orange County* today; hopefully it won’t be too bad by then.

Wednesday: Take Kid to school and go for another bike ride.

Thursday: Here’s a biggie. Depeche Mode will be performing live on Hollywood and Vine for The Jimmy Kimmel Show that “night” and I scored a pair of tickets to be in the crowd! This is the first time any artist has ever done this for the show so it should be interesting. They usually perform on the stage outside the studio but this time, it’s going to be in the heart of Hollywood. Watch for phone-cam images (if phones are not being confiscated) beginning at about 5 p.m. that night since the performances are taped. I wasn’t able to get tickets for their Hollywood Bowl show so this will do, even it’ll be an abberviated show. Be sure to watch for me–I’ll be the one in black 🙂

Friday: I have scheduled an interview with Disneyland just for the sake of doing it. Hey, it could lead to something part time so what’s the harm in that, no?

That enough for you? It is for me. Have a great Sunday!

* You all know I still refuse to call Orange County by “The” and its initials as the only people who do don’t live there or are only trying to sound cool. 

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