Change of Plans

Today I made my call to the EDD to get some information on what in the world I will do once my benefits are exhausted, something which is due to happen within the next 5 weeks.

And I have to admit that there were a few things that impressed me about the call.

First, the wait time was incredibly short. I can’t recall ever contacting EDD and having to wait less than 5 minutes in order to speak with someone but I guess today was my lucky day. That means less time to sit and listen to that horrible smooth jazz on-hold music that they always seem to play.

Second, I was helped by someone who was more than willing to take her time to speak with me regarding any questions I might have had about my claim. And as if her helpfulness wasn’t enough, she was actually pleasant. I’m beginning to think that EDD has instructed their employees to exercise even more patience these days now that there are more and more people like me out there who are just trying to make ends meet and can’t seem to find a job. The person I spoke to was one of them. She briefly explained to me that she was unemployed for 8 months before landing a job with EDD. Seems to me that they are the place to work for right now.

During the course of our conversation, things only got better. I was informed that my benefits will be eligible for an extension once they are exhausted which was good enough to hear since I was worried to shit since not even the lowliest of jobs seem to want me. Already pleased, I explained that I was working part-time as a background actor and she told me that was even better since, if I make at least $1,300 per quarter, I can file a new claim in March with that one expires.

So for the first time in a long time, there’s good news–very good news. So what does the title of this post have to do with anything?

In contrast to the previous post, it means that I can go ahead and start booking myself for more TV shows so that I show income, therefore helping me look even better to EDD and allowing me to file a new claim. I certainly hope that won’t be necessary (read: I’ll have a regular job by then) but it’s good to know that it’s an option.

I can smile and sort of take it easy knowing that, if a regular job isn’t in the works, I’ll be covered in the meantime.

Or at least until March.

Regardless of what transpired today, the job search continues. Speaking of which, I will be attending a Federally-funded seminar tomorrow that will hopefully give me a hand, broaden my skillset, and lead to something.

Here’s to brighter days…

UPDATE 6 pm: The seminar for environmental training was only for those ages 18-30. Once this announcement was made, half of the room left disgusted. Way to keep us unemployed, California!