Happy New Year!


Look! It’s a post from the future! And my first post of 2011!

Actually, it’s a post from the past so I’m sorry to ruin your fun. I’m writing this post on the heels of the December 30th post since Ann and I will be entertaining tomorrow and plan to ring in the new year with some good friends and I won’t have time to do it then. I just scheduled it to post at this time which, if I mysteriously died sometime between now and then, would be pretty eerie, huh? ZOMG A POST FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!!111!1!


That said, I want to take a moment to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2011, a year which will mark my 7th year of blogging. Who ever thought that would happen?

If you’re a reader of the blog, you know that my 2010 was chock full o’ stuff that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. That’s just me taking the hit for all of you. I truly do wish nothing but good things for all of you…heck for the whole world, for that matter, and that 2011 brings all of us the bestest, most fantastic year of memories and events we’ve ever had.

And come December 31, 2011, I want us all to look back and say, “Goddamn, we could have not had a better year, could we?” Then we can usher in 2012, start The Final Countdown bullshit, and party like it’s our last ever.

Which is what we should really be doing in the first place, no?

Happy 2011, everybody! Be careful on the roads and don’t get too crazy with the Barnes & Noble Bartles & Jaymes.