Tae Kwon Don’t Pinch Me


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, lushes and boozehounds alike! Since it is, I’m sure I will be (over)hearing stories from most of the office ladies about where they will be going tonight for Happy Hour to drink their froofy green beers and even froofier apple martinis. No wonder most of them look like beef jerky.

And personally, I don’t give two shits about St. Patrick’s Day since I don’t drink and I’m not Irish. Then again, I don’t give two shits about the other alcoholiday, Cinco de Mayo, even though I’m about as beaner as they come.

Anyway, here’s a related conversation that Ann and I just had about said alcoholiday.

Ann: (panicked) I need to find something green for Anthony to wear! He doesn’t have anything!

Me: So?

Ann: He’s gonna get pinched.

Me: He knows Tae Kwon Do.

Ann: (pause) Point taken.