Mysteries of Google Street View

This may sound like something you’d hear from someone who was in a drunken stupor but last night I was messing around with Google Street View and somehow ended up in Mexico.

I can assure you that I was not drinking because, as you may or may not know, I don’t drink.

At any rate like Mexico, Street View is a trip and there are all sorts of sites dedicated to the weird and unusual things people have found all over the world (or at least where Google has covered). In fact, my old neighborhood is featured in this post but unfortunately, the imagery has been updated.

So anyway I’m somewhere deep in Mexico and ended up outside a baseball stadium. As I’m virtually driving down the street, I come across this interesting sight:

dirt sweeper

It’s a woman. With a broom. Sweeping dirt.

She’s super limpio. I’m not sure if Mr. Clean would be proud or repulsed.

You can see for yourself here.

And hey, this is Post 3 of 365. I’m on a roll!