Blogging 365: Can I Do It?

It’s the second day of 2013 and so far I’m on a roll in blog posts: with this, my second post, I’ve been blogging the entire year!

But you wanna hear something really nuts? How about I keep it up and post a minimum of 365 entries this year? That means at least one post per day (going live before 11:59 pm PST) no matter the subject. I’m even including pictures — even outside of Wordless Wednesdays — if it means sticking to the plan. It’ll be kind of like NaNoWriMo except for the entire year and, without a doubt, much less coherent.

I’m doing it for a simple reason: Facebook and Instagram are killing my blogging life and I don’t like it. Whatever random thought or interesting picture usually end up on either of these sites and if you think about it, they’d be better suited here.

Anyway, there’s Post 2 of 365 explaining that…I will be posting every day this year. Believe me, neither of us knows what’s in store, but I’m quite sure it will be interesting and a lot of fun.

Stay tuned!