Blogging 365, Day 17: Shock and Awe

Man oh man, you don’t want to know what kind of day I had yesterday.

But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Ann and I went to bed Tuesday feeling 100% normal after a rather uneventful day. But all that changed at about 2 am Wednesday.

That’s when my stomach started to make some retching noises and I thought it was maybe because I didn’t eat much for dinner. But I was soon to find out that I was sooo wrong.

Within a few minutes after, the sound had turned to a nauseous feeling which then turned into…yeah, you can guess. For the next 2 hours Ann and I were jockeying for position in the bathroom and it was by no means pretty. About the only words I can use to describe what we went through were:

  • Sudden. This thing hit us from out of nowhere and did a number on both of us faster than anything we’d ever experienced. My stomach’s been sick to this degree before but normally it takes some time before it really hits you. Not this time, boy-o.
  • Violent. And that’s being kind. I can’t remember heaving this much and for so long in years if ever. It was so bad that my core is still sore, almost like I did a serious workout. It really was like a tornado ripping through my insides.

The good thing is that we’re pretty much over it, well enough to go back to work today and put in a full shift. (I attribute this to my active lifestyle for sure.) I’m at about 85% normal while Ann is still suffering a bit more but definitely looking better than yesterday. We should be all better by tomorrow.

I still don’t have much of an appetite and as a result have dropped almost 4 pounds over the last two days, and may have taken in 1,000 calories during that entire time. But I’ve been downing lots of water, ginger ale and Gatorade just to replace my fluids.

They were saying that this flu season was going to be a bad one and brother, they weren’t kidding. Just be prepared should you start to get the strange little feeling in your belly.