Blogging 365, Day 25: Friday Five – Unusual Stuff

Here’s the deal, banana peel.

I’ve been working overtime all week and doing another four hours on Saturday. I’m tired. I’ve got a headache. I’m also a Grumpy Gus because that’s what headaches do to me.

As a result, this is what you get: a Friday 5 entry. I’ll do the best I can then I’m turning this blasted laptop off and going to bed.

And here we go.

What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found in your wallet, purse, or backpack? Anthony is always putting little things in the front pouch of my backpack that I take to work with me. I can guarantee there are a few Hot Wheels or erasers down at the bottom of it.

What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found on your computer’s hard drive? Deep within the platters that are my hard drive of my desktop, I can guarantee there are pictures of me in drag from Halloween 2006. This was when I was working at the place that paid me so much more money than what I’m making now. On this laptop there is nothing of note. I keep it streamlined and free of unnecessary stuff.

What’s the most interesting thing hanging on your walls? A lithograph of Salvador Dali’s Hallucinogenic Toreador. That or the autographed copy of Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses LP.


What’s the most uncharacteristic thing in your fridge? A can of Mazda-branded energy drink that I picked up at the L.A. Auto Show a few years ago (seen here, but not my image). I don’t do energy drinks. I don’t even know why I still have it.

What’s something you’ve done in the past year that you thought was going to be awful but turned out pretty good? Reading. I started reading again and got so immersed in it that I devoted time to do it. That’s unusual for me.

And with that, I bid you goodnight. Grumpy needs his sleep.

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