Blogging 365, Day 26: No Soliciting

I’m still not feeling well and the solicitor who came to my door today found out how grumpy I can be when under the weather.

I was sitting on the couch, tired after a long week and putting in four hours overtime today. When the guy came to the door I didn’t even bother to move. I just said I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t interested.

But he didn’t get the hint. He was a contractor and went on rambling about how I need new windows which is true. The thing is I know this and don’t need some wise-ass with Guy Fieri hair telling me so. Besides, I know as much if not more about vinyl windows, their benefits, double-paned Low-E glass, etc. I could have taken him to school but I just wasn’t in the mood.

And to everything he said my reply was, “No thanks, not interested.”

He finally gave up and walked away saying, “Okay, enjoy your windows.”


This prompted me to post this nifty little Word document which I thought I had lost but didn’t (thank you, cloud storage or your choice!).

Anyway, I printed out two copies and posted them on the porch. They seemed to work before and I’m hoping they do the trick again because believe me, you do NOT want to try and sell me anything on my porch and ESPECIALLY when I’m not feeling well.

Except Girl Scout cookies. There’s always room for those.


Posted from my LG Optimus Elite since I’m too lazy to turn on the laptop and write from there