Blogging 365, Day 44: Who’s Older Now?

Ann and I always poke fun of each other when it comes to our age. While the small 5 years between us (with me being the older) makes no difference now, we’ll jokingly look back on our younger years when she was in 8th grade and I was out of high school.

We’ll shudder and laugh it off because now, with me turning 44 tomorrow and she turning 39 two weeks later, it’s all water under the bridge. Even so, she will still pick on me about my age when I rarely complain about sore joints or muscles after a rigorous workout/run/bike ride.

“You old man,” she’ll tell me with a smile.


Well, my dear wife of 20 years in June, do you mind telling me who feels older now?


This is part of a piece of mail she received yesterday. Note that the rip through the middle was not done out of spite; it’s just what we do when we get junk mail.

Or at least that’s what she wants me to think.

I really didn’t want to pick on her about this but I simply had to since, with me being 5 years her senior, I have never gotten anything related to retirement, personal mobility, or funeral arrangements. And with my cholesterol and glucose levels at excellent levels, let’s hope my lack of mail pertaining to aging is a good omen.

As for Ann, well, she’s waiting to get her AARP membership application and pre-planning kid from The Neptune Society 🙂