Update to Wordless Wednesday: Argh!

Any guesses? Will post follow-up tomorrow. Posted from my Android --- It looks like both of my contestants were correct! Thanks to Mary -- a friend since we were in our teens -- and fellow blogger Kimberly for their guesses. Read on to discovery why they are both correct 🙂 Okay, so here's the story. … Continue reading Update to Wordless Wednesday: Argh!

Fried XBOX

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post in which I briefly mentioned that I stayed home in order to wait for an electrician to show up after we suffered a power outage. Naturally, when such things happen my first inclination it to see if it is localized or if the entire neighborhood went dark. After … Continue reading Fried XBOX

My Major Award(s)

I got a letter in the mail the other day from the folks at Rosarito Beach, and they have properly rewarded me for the effort. My keen eye and photographic evidence scored me a two-night stay at the Rosarito Beach Hotel as well as certificates for two free massages. Now all I need to do … Continue reading My Major Award(s)